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Devyser Coverage Report

Devyser Coverage Report

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Name Amplicon pool Devyser kit / variant Number of samples Minimal coverage per variant allele Minimal coverage per amplicon Mean coverage per amplicon Variant Allele Frequency (VAF) Number of Reads/Read Pairs Used kit capacity % of run Volume of amplicon pool [μl]

Instructions on combining library pools
  1. Adjust each purified library pool to the concentration specified in the Devyser Chimerism Handbook.
  2. If more than one library pool was prepared, mix the volumes of each library pool as specified in the last column of the above table ("Volume of amplicon pool [μl]").
    NOTE For certain combinations of kits and requested VAFs, a large volume ratio may be specified, and thus the available volume might not be sufficient for a certain library pool. In such cases, it is recommended to perform multiple parallel purification reactions of the PCR2 products that can then be combined and quantified.

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